How it's different  

Our services are different in three important ways.

  1. 33rd & Woodbine’s competitive analysis is developed for executives, by executives. Different from the status quo, all of our analysis is done by senior agency and client-side executives with extensive direct category experience. You get insightful analysis of every ad unit your competitors run, executive summaries, and deep dive presentations all written by experienced category experts. It’s truly competitive analysis delivered at a new level.

  2. Because our analysts possess such an in-depth understanding of your industry and your competitors—culture, heritage, leadership, core competencies, key businesses, use of advertising, brand goals, objectives, and perceptions—we’re able to deliver all of our insights in context. Our analysts apply this deep understanding and contextual framework to every analysis of every ad unit, every executive summary, and every deep dive presentation we develop. Each ad unit is looked at from an overall strategic business context to reveal why competitors do what they do, the advertising strategy behind each effort, and what is new or different.

  3. Our insights are uniquely delivered through the Competitive Insight Center.

    • Users in your company and at your agency partners get anytime, anywhere access through a secure web portal—on their own schedules rather than on the schedules of those developing and issuing reports.
    • The information is delivered in real time, so you’ll know today what your competitors are doing today.
    • It’s a comprehensive, living database and archive of every ad unit, complete with analysis, that your competitors run so that, over time, trends and patterns become apparent and predictable.
    • It’s coded and searchable according to the way that your organization looks at the world—Competitors, Customer Segments, Product Types, Media, Geographies—so all users can easily find exactly what they are looking for from the broadest to the most specific views of the competitive landscape.
    • It’s all in one place. The Competitive Insight Center can become a hub of competitive intelligence and make existing competitive intelligence more widely available and more valuable.
    • It’s global. Key markets are covered.
    • It’s insightful. The Competitive Insight Center delivers not just the creative but the strategy behind it and what it means for you.