How we deliver it  

There are three completely customized services available. Clients can use any combination of services to best address their needs.

  1. The Competitive Insight Center is a comprehensive, customized, searchable database of competitive activity and analysis accessible through a global web portal that empowers key personnel and their agency partners—any time, all the time, globally—with the insights necessary to execute effective marketing communications programs. The Competitive Insight Center contains every ad unit run by competitors in key markets, determined by the client, analyzed and available in real time and over time in a living archive of trends and behavior.

  2. User Alerts are timely e-mail communications on important, relevant developments—product launches, new campaigns, changes in strategy—delivered with a summary analysis and the potential implication for the client. User Alerts are distributed to the enrolled user base as events occur to draw attention to key issues and provide the insights needed to counter punch effectively.

  3. Custom Presentations, specific to client needs, are delivered on request. These presentations often take the form of executive summary briefings—written for executives, by executives—that deliver not just competitive creative and spending data, but the answers needed to develop and adjust marketing plans. Also available are more specific, deeper analyses of emerging trends, key developments, customer or product segment activity, or competitor activity.