What it means for you  

33rd & Woodbine’s new level of competitive analysis delivers many important benefits to clients.

  1. The new focus on analysis and insights rather than spending data and creative samples frees up the organization and leads to better strategies and better execution.

  2. The real-time capability of the service enables quicker, better decisions, smarter counterpunches and more effective pre-emptive strikes.

  3. The comprehensive, living archive of insights and analysis makes patterns apparent, strategy shifts obvious, and competitors increasingly predictable.

  4. With one highly-efficient, institutionalized process for competitive analysis around the world, costs are lowered and productivity increased. There is no time wasted by marketers and their agencies “finding” and “analyzing” creative on an ad hoc basis. The costs of this inefficiency and redundancy are made visible and therefore manageable.

  5. Effectively scaling access to high-value content across global organizations further leverages its value. In essence, expert analysis is developed once, in real time, and then shared without limit on a global scale extending its lifecycle and reach beyond dated, snap shot presentations to limited groups.

In short, 33rd & Woodbine clients are more informed, efficient, empowered, and decisive across their organizations.